STIPPLE.Com Technology

Advanced ERROS Neural Database Technology

STIPPLE has been developed using unique, patented, ERROS Neural Database technology from Erros Ltd.

No other system for recording history uses similar technology. ERROS allows much greater flexibility than other development methods. As a result, STIPPLE has feature rich solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each type of record. In addition, ERROS based systems, such as STIPPLE, have much higher levels of performance and security than can be achieved with other development methods.

As with all ERROS based applications, STIPPLE does not utilise a search engine. Instead, STIPPLE uses the unique ERROS indexing system to locate information and to allow records to be found at high speed. Connections between records of any type can be navigated with ease, without having to type in a new query.

STIPPLE is able to record information about a wide range of objects, people, places, events, etc.. Additional object types can be added with ease.