ERROS – a Modern Connectionist Database

These YouTube videos show the three steps of building and authorising a simple ERROS applicaton and then testing it.

These demonstrate the ease with which ERROS applications can be built and changed. ERROS applications

  • are robust
  • are secure
  • are scalable, having outstanding performance, even with very large data volumes
  • are internet ready (ERROS generates HTMLand Javascript on the fly)
  • are easily extended and maintained
  • have a high availability option

This is only possible because of the ERROS Connectionist Database. ERROS is not a Relational Database. ERROS is totally object oriented yet developers do not need to know the meaning of this. Very complex applications can be developed with a speed and ease that is beyond the wildest dreams of even the most experienced system developers. All ERROS applications are automatically integrated, sharing the same data where appropriate.

ERROS applications can be created -

  • very rapidly
  • incrementally
  • without a detailed specification
  • without any programming most of the time (no program code is generated)
  • without database design, even for the most complex data structures.

Other ERROS Videos on YouTube